CyEC Session
14:00 Welcome Message. Professor M. D. Dikaiakos, CyEC Organizing Committee
14:05 Welcome Message. Ms Natassa Pileidou, Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry
14:15 Opening Remarks. Dr. N. Mastroyannopoulos, Chief Scientist for Research & Innovation of Cyprus
14:25 "CyEC: Retrospect and the Way Ahead", Giorgos Zacharia, President, KAYAK; CyEC Steering Committee
14:30 CyEC Start-up Pitches. Facilitator: Ms Katerina Kyriakoudi, Special Scientist C4E (5 minutes pitches)
  • ActiveHub
  • Malloc
  • SmartEye
  • BeHive Consulting Academy
  • QBON
  • Spacemou
  • Fooderloo
  • Sky Solutions
  • Victual
15:05 Announcement of CyEC Winners. Facilitator: Ms. Elena Tanou, CyEC Judging Committee
PwC Distinguished Lecture
16:00 "Navigating Data and AI Opportunities and Risks: New Challenges for Business and Regulators"
Professor Theodoros Evgeniou, INSEAD
16:45 Panel Discussion: The Challenges of AI for Business and Policy Making
Coordination: Evgenios C Evgeniou, CEO, PwC Cyprus
  • Theodoros Evgeniou, Professor, INSEAD
  • Jahna Otterbacher, Assistant Professor, Open University of Cyprus (OUC)
  • Antonis C. Kakas, Professor, Dep. of Computer Science, University of Cyprus (UCY)
  • Christina Orphanidou, Data and Artificial Intelligence Lab Manager, PwC Cyprus
Innovation Capacity Track: Showcasing AI Capacities in Cyprus
17:30 Coordination: Professor M. D. Dikaiakos, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship
Short 3-5 min online presentations of:
  • Research Labs and Innovative start-ups working on AI
  • AI research results
  • AI-related innovative products and services
  • AI Training programs
17:30 (A) Research Labs and Innovative start-ups working on AI
  1. Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency, Transparency in Algorithms Group
    Open University of Cyprus (OUC)
    Research Centre on Interactive Media Smart Systems & Emerging Technologies (RISE)
  2. AI Lab
    University of Nicosia
  3. Explainable AI-driven Business Intelligence products to help you work smarter
    Impact Tech Ltd
  4. Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Limited
17:50 (B) AI research results
  1. DriveGuard: A deep learning technique for countering cyber-attacks against autonomous vehicle camera sub-systems in the context of the H2020 CARAMEL project
    KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, University of Cyprus (UCY)
  2. A modular approach to detect GPS Location Spoofing Attacks in Autonomous Vehicles
    KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, University of Cyprus (UCY)
  3. SHERPA (Shaping the ethical dimensions of smart information systems– a European perspective)
    University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus)
18:05 (C) AI-related innovative products and services
  1. AI4EU – European AI Platform for united European AI Ecosystems
  2. All what you need to know about AI4EU Call for Challenges
  3. Distributed Artificial Intelligence Framework for Device-to-Device Communication in 5G and beyond Networks – DAIF
    Computer Science Department, University of Cyprus (UCY)
  4. IDS4IoT - Computational and Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Intrusion Detection in Internet of Things
    Computer Science Department, University of Cyprus (UCY)
  5. Mitigating the Cyber Attacks against Industrial Control Systems using Data-Driven Fault Tolerant Control in a Blockchain based Decentralized Framework – CPS
    Computer Science Department, University of Cyprus (UCY)
18:30 (D) AI Training programs
  1. MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    European University Cyprus