18 December 2020

Innovation Capacity Track: Showcasing AI Capacities in Cyprus

The Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E) of the University of Cyprus with the support of PwC Cyprus is organising the 5th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF2020).

This year’s Forum is dedicated to "The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence". Due to the Convid-19 pandemic, the Forum will be held online.

The Innovation Capacity Track aspires to showcase existing capacities in Cyprus regarding research activities, industrial expertise, and training initiatives in Artificial Intelligence.

Selected contributions will be invited to present their activity in the form of a 4 minute video presentation (pre-recorded or delivered live).

Contributors to the Innovation Capacity Track participate in the 4 following categories:

  1. Research Labs and Innovative start-ups working on AI

  2. AI research results

  3. AI-related innovative products and services

  4. AI Training programs

Participating contributors will be requested to fill an application form to be submitted in English via email at c4e@ucy.ac.cy by midnight December 7th 2020.

Participating Contributors are:

  1. To present this work in the form of a 4-minute pitch live or pre-recorded. All participants are kindly requested to submit by December 4th 2020 a recorded version of their pitch, to be used in case of connection problems during the live session.

  2. Grant the Centre for Entrepreneurship the right to publish the abstract in a booklet to be published after the event as well as to post it on the Forum’s web site, unless agreed otherwise in writing, and to publish the video pitch on C4E’s web site and YouTube channel.

  3. Participating Contributors maintain the copyright of their submission.

For more detailed information on the guidelines and conditions of participation, see the Terms & Conditions.