Mission and Principles


Mission Statement

The mission of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E) of the University of Cyprus is threefold: a) to foster a culture of innovative entrepreneurship within the University and to develop relevant in-house expertise; b) to provide the entire University community with high-quality services and the connections required to bring scientific innovations and novel ideas produced inside the University to global marketplaces, and c) to contribute to the creation of a sustainable innovation ecosystem in Cyprus. C4E aspires to provide the training, expertise, mentorship, support and connections that UCY’s students and young scientists need to become effective entrepreneurs.


Core Values

C4E considers Entrepreneurship in its broadest sense, namely as a mindset in scientific and scholarly work that embraces creativity, critical thinking, imagination, risk-taking and the bold experimentation with new ideas and transformative scientific approaches. C4E aspires to turn new knowledge into real “value” that can serve the common good through novel products, processes and services, implemented by new or existing ventures, private or public organizations, governmental institutions or non-governmental initiatives.



C4E serves the entire University of Cyprus community, namely undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, researchers and young scientists, faculty, and staff. Beyond the University, we contribute to the emergence of Cyprus’ “start-up” ecosystem, participating in relevant initiatives and liaising with people and support structures, such as accelerators, incubators, and maker spaces. We promote the uptake of innovative results, the exploitation of scientific know-how and the use of advanced research infrastructures of UCY by existing private and public organizations, contributing to the competiveness and growth of the Cypriot economy. We work with policy makers and the government to promote policies that support research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We invite alumni to participate and contribute to our activities. We engage the Cypriot diaspora of entrepreneurs and innovators to become our ambassadors abroad.


Guiding Principles

  1. Pursuit of Excellence: We seek to provide high quality education, advising, and practical experiences in order to help accelerate the transformation of excellent scientific results into products, processes and services with a significant impact both at a national and an international level.
  2. Emphasis on Collaboration: C4E works closely with UCY departments, centers, laboratories and research groups, as well as with relevant national and international stakeholders. We establish and promote sustainable connections and strategic alliances between our community and leading international hubs of innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital. We engage in a continuous dialogue with the University community to systematically redefine our role and plans, staying in sync with a rapidly changing scientific, economic and social landscape.
  3. Prioritizing Networking: We consider networking and the establishment of sustained relationships a priority over rigid administrative structures and processes. We promote and facilitate the networking between our community, national and international organizations that excel in innovation, venture funding, global markets, etc. We liaise with the Cypriot diaspora of innovators and entrepreneurs, wishing to help our constituency learn from their knowledge and experiences.
  4. Rigorous Mentorship: We establish an expanding network of mentors comprising bold entrepreneurs and leading innovators, both from Cyprus and abroad. We invite alumni, friends of the University, and distinguished expatriate Cypriots to join this network, visit the University, participate in C4E events, and provide students and young scientists with advice, guidance and access to their invaluable expertise and connections.
  5. A Philosophy of Experimentation: C4E adopts a “lean-startup” philosophy in our operations. We take risks, try new programs and activities, and assess their impact. We expect to learn from our failures. When we succeed, we aim to consolidate best practices and transform them into efficient processes.
  6. Encouraging Diversity: C4E encourages diversity of opinion and diversity of people. Throughout our educational, advising, and support activities, we promote interdisciplinary collaborations and combine a range of critical perspectives.
  7. Honesty and Transparency: C4E aspires to support University of Cyprus’ students, researchers and faculty to transform their scientific results into marketable products, services, and processes. In that context, we make every effort to help our constituency protect and exploit their intellectual property. We address issues of potential University participation in IP and equity rights with transparency, honest dialogue, a consensual spirit, and in line with the legal framework of the University and its internal regulations.
  8. Serving Cyprus and beyond: We provide substantial and continuous contributions to the development and sustainability of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cyprus; we promote the use of UCY’s advanced research infrastructures and know-how by the Cypriot entrepreneurial community. We engage in national and European policy-making initiatives for promoting research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We participate in activities spreading innovation and entrepreneurial excellence to our region and the E.U. We contribute to initiatives seeking to strengthen collaboration networks in innovation and entrepreneurship between Cyprus, the E.U., the Middle East and Asia.
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