Shaping the future: Featuring selected University of Cyprus Innovations 2018 (videos)

In November 2018 the Centre for Entrepreneurship produced a first series of videos featuring  narrative of selected University of Cyprus innovations and the University’s efforts towards bringing its inventions to the market.  A follow up activity of our  IEF2017 Research Capacity Exhibitionintending to highlight research results with commercialization potential and practical impact; attract potential collaborators and partners and stimulate partnerships for research and innovation and research commercialization. Furthermore it is an effort to position the University of Cyprus in the correct spectrum of awareness of potential sponsors and investors and at the same time demonstrate the contribution our research can offer to social improvement, the economy and society.
You can see the entire video here .

The video is available online through our YouTube channel and the University's Video on demand device. 

Sections of the video are also available in the 4 following categories and can be viewed at:
Biomedical Engineering
Information Technology, Communications & Devices
Smart Infrastructures
Energy & Clean-Tech

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