[06-27 Mar] C4E Makerspace Month: Building a bluetooth speaker

 Description of the series of workshops:

Through a series of four two-hour workshops we will build a portable bluetooth speaker that can be powered from a standard power bank and connected to a mobile phone to play music. The audience does not need to have prior knowledge on relevant subjects. Through the workshops the audience will be introduced to a simple 3D design software, Tinkercad, and to the Arduino platform which can be used for almost any kind of electronic prototyping project. By the end of the workshops the audience will gain basic knowledge that will enable them to model and build a simple electronic prototype of their own, using all the standard available electronics and information found online about Arduino.

*C4E 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship APPROVED


06/03 13/03 20/03 27/03 2019
Wednesday, 15.00-17.00


Where:  C4E Makerspace (Room 105, XWD 02, University Campus, University of Cyprus)


Trainer:  Odysseas Economides, CTO & Founder Teembly (IDEA Graduate)



  • Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Cyprus

  • Robo Cy


RVSP: or call at 22895110 by 4th March 2019.

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Odysseas Economides, CTO & Founder Teembly (IDEA Graduate)
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