C4E Newsletter June 2020 - Volume 6

'Until now we knew how to cooperate and we have been efficient, now we must collaborate in order to be effective'.

John Maeda, Technologist, designer, engineer, artist, investor, author, and teacher on the Post C-19 Era

                                                                                                                                                                       Editors: I. Tsioutsioumi

Recent and Current Activities

The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition (CyEC) 2020 – Summer and Fall 2020

The University of Cyprus proudly presents the Country's long established business competition, the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 20-20! With a remarkable record of more than 100 team proposals CyEC returns in 2020 enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into real businesses and become the leaders of tomorrow! CyEC is is a business plan competition welcomes business plans emerging out of some innovative technology, process, business model, or other innovations that have the potential to be developed into start-ventures or social enterprises and yet create significant competitive advantage as compared to existing solutions. Get the information!

Competition Launch: 19th June 2020  - Submission Deadline: 14 September 2020


Entrepreneurship beyond Covid-19: Lessons, Insights and Considerations from Boston, Beijing and Cyprus –  May 2020

A panel of international and local experts discussed the Covid-19 crisis and its impact, giving to their area of expertise and practice. How Covid-19 epidemic has brought an unprecedented upheaval to health systems, societies, and economies disrupting the flow of people, goods, and capital, and raising existential threats to new and established companies. Watch the full discussion at


Series of Online Discussions with the MBA Program – May 2020

The discussions will mainly focus on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic across a range of economic, business, educational, social and cultural activities, the ‘new normal’ and how this is reshaping our habits and needs causing extreme disruption socially and economically. The discussions will be attended by eminent scientists, distinguished businessmen and personalities from Cyprus and abroad. The official announcement

The Summer Semester
Product Design and Tools / Σχεδιασμός Προϊόντων και Εργαλεία Σχεδιασμού (KEP 103 Elective Course) - Summer Semester 2020

C4E will offer for the second consecutive year the summer course KEP 103 Elective Course. The course will be taught online by Dr Kyratsis, Dr Efkolidis and Mr Manavis from the University of Western Macedonia, Greece, who are PwC Visiting Lecturers for the summer semester at C4E. The course will be taught through the MsTeams education platform of the University of Cyprus. The duration is three weeks. See the full course schedule

Spring Semester Events
Series of Lectures on Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Spring Semester 2020
During the Spring Semester of 2020, the Center organized and supported 10 lectures, seminars, and workshops. The Spring Semester was launched on January 15th with the Foody, HellasDirect & Avocarrot fireside chat, an open-ended conversation with the three successful founders followed by the open talk on “Starting Up in China: A Cypriot Perspective”. We hosted IDEA Innovation Centre presenting the IDEA incubator-accelerator at the University of Cyprus, a creative workshop presented by Niki Lialiari, Concepteur at Gnomi Integrated Communications “Fake it till you make it: The road to becoming creative”, and a lecture on marketing research “Understand things you don’t know: Marketing Research in six Steps” by Dr. Pantelitsa Eteokleous Operations Manager at the Centre for Entrepreneurship and more. A number of training events, panel discussions and the student innovation competition were unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Here is the full program of the events
Foody, HellasDirect & Avocarrot fireside chat - January 2020

An open-ended conversation where the three successful entrepreneurs Argyris Argyrou Founder of Pantazis the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hellas Direct and Conno Christou co-founder of Avocarrot shared the stories and challenges of their startup life and particularly their experience on the acquisition phase. The event was facilitated by Panos Markopoulos, Assistant Professor Department of Business and Public Administration. More information

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PwC Workshop: “Advanced Negotiation Skills” February 2020
Τhe PwC Workshop: ‘Advanced Negotiation Skills’ with Marilena Shakalli Maroudia  Senior Manager and Tutor of PwC’s Academy Cyprus followed the ‘Introduction to Negotiation Skills’ Workshop run by PwC twice in the Fall Semester 2019 and in the Fall Semester 2018. The Programme was designed for middle or senior management, officers in charge and students involved or interested in developing key entrepreneurial skills and the main target was to take the participants' negotiation skills to the next level!
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The Gaming Industry and working in a truly global corporation - February 2020

Understanding the exponentially expanding gaming industry currently touching everyone's lives without even realizing it and the fascinating experience of working in a truly global company was the main focus of Elena’s Loucaidou Director of Player Relations, WARGAMING.NET lecture in early February.  Get all the details

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Research & Analysis

Third National Report of Entrepreneurship in Cyprus – GEM - February 2020

The report represents one the commitments of the participation of Cyprus in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Study. Lead sponsor of this activity is the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry and the dissemination is funded by PwC Cyprus.  Cyprus also features in the Global GEM report with a dedicated section on its economy profile and to various GEM Global dissemination efforts (e.g., interview with GEM National Team).

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PwC Makerspace
C4E Makerspace is now sponsored by PwC -  Workshops offered and New Equipment

C4E Makerspace is now funded by PwC as part of the overall agreement between PwC and the University of Cyprus.  During spring semester 2020 the makerspace offered a workshop on 3D design and printing while a new 3D printer, a video camera and a conveyor belt for the Robotic arm are now part of the makerspace equipment. The makerspace is open to all UCY students with an interest in exploration and experimentation.

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PwC Restart Cyprus Analysis

To better understand the potential economic impact from COVID-19 on Cyprus, PwC Cyprus carried out a scenario-based impact analysis in collaboration with the Economics Consulting team of PwC UK. The analysis is based on two scenarios, in line with the latest thinking of epidemiologists and economic policymakersThe paper outlines the PwC Cyprus rational around various measures that could be pursued to achieve this combined objective-Restart Cyprus, recognizing that going back to the old normal is not a viable option, and making the best of the new-normal is indeed the only option. 
Download the publication:

Invent and Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos' personal story and thoughts appear in a new book published by  Harvard Business Review Press and PublicAffairs. The book, titled "Invent and Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos," contains a collection of 23 years of the Amazon CEO’s annual letters, interviews, writings and speeches. In the very first letter he wrote to shareholders in 1997 said ‘Focus on the long term; obsess over customers; make bold not timid choices; set a high bar in hiring; and you will create “an enduring franchise.” Ever since he laid out his business thoughts each year in a crisp annual letter to shareholders. 
Looking forward!
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