C4E featured in Coller Institute of Venture Review

A major part of our mission, is networking with both the local and the international ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

One of the most vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world is the one in Israel and especially in Tel Aviv. The Coller Institute of Venture (CIV) - part of the Tel Aviv University - is one of the important stakeholders in the Israeli and international venture scene, working towards the development of new ideas, innovation and business models, enhancing quality of life for all parties involved. 

The CIV was very kind to host a free, full page advertisement of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E) promoting this way our activities to a very important community of academics, researchers, funders, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Before the end of the semester, we will organize the 2nd PwC Forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, where CIV will be invited to participate and share experiences and know how. 

More information on CIV: and the CIV Review:



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