[Nov. 23] Google @ University of Cyprus: We hope to see you on 23rd November!

Google @ University of Cyprus: We hope to see you on 23rd November!

The Department of Computer Science and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Cyprus, in collaboration with Google, cordially invite you to attend a Google Tech Talk and a Google Interview Workshop. Check out the details below  and register for the event HERE. if you're interested in Google opportunities make sure to include a soft copy of your resume!

Title: Storage, Processing and Reliability on Google's Distributed Systems

Speaker: Constantinos Neophytou

Organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful requires technologies that are able to handle petabytes of data quickly and reliably. This talk focuses on three crucial aspects of Google's infrastructure: storage, processing and reliability. We will present popular technologies within Google, giving an overview of their principles and main use cases. We will cover distributed storage solutions including GFS (distributed file system), Bigtable (distributed multi-dimensional sorted map), Spanner and F1 (globally distributed databases). Processing solutions that will be covered include MapReduce, Flume (distributed processing of batch data), and MillWheel (distributed processing of streaming data). Finally, we discuss techniques which are used to ensure 24/7 availability for services which use the above technologies, and in general all Google services.

Constantinos Neophytou received a BA degree in Computer Science from Dartmouth College in NH, USA in 2006. He later spent a year in India working on a personal project, after which he moved to the UK and received a PgC from Bristol University before starting his first job at Bloomberg in 2008. At Bloomberg he worked on the internal messaging system, which delivers upwards of 200 million emails a day in real-time. In 2011 he started working for Morgan Stanley, developing high-frequency trading connectivity software, focusing on sub-millisecond processing and message delivery. In August 2012 he started his current role at Google, which is Software Engineer in Site Reliability Engineering for the Ads Pipeline team, responsible for several pipelines, the biggest of which is the Google Analytics logs processing and aggregation.

Host: M. Dikaiakos

When: 23 November 2016, 15:00-16:00

Where: Room 101, KOD03 (map:

Registration: register for the event HERE.


What: Google Interview Workshop @ University of Cyprus

When: 23 November 2016,16:00-18:00

Where: Room 101, KOD03 (map:

Why: Learn more about Google's culture, our products, projects, hiring process, and specific projects, job and/ internship opportunities, and culture, and more! - directly from a Googler!

What to do next?: Register for the event HERE! Make sure your resume and LinkedIn profiles are up to date (feel free to link both in the form above) and of course come with lots of good questions!

Speaker: Constantinos Neophytou

Host: G. Pallis

Hope to see you there!

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