Wael Al-Masri

- C4E Ambassador

At the age of 16, I started working on my first project, producing unlimited electricity from soil. Following 4 years of work I participated in WebSummit 2016 PITCH competition and made it to the final 3, out of 1600 participants and presented in front of 15.000, in addition to worldwide media coverage.

Due to my young age at that time, I had a bad experience with an R&D company I worked with for one year and the project was frozen.

Following a 4-month period of “depression”, I organized a team of 17 members from various ages and backgrounds and participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017. After a lot of ups & downs we were the global winners of the challenge and were invited for a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center. Within less than 3 weeks we were able to raise sponsorships of approximately 80K euros to cover our expenses.

Currently, I am leading Innaton Technologies which is group of 20 people including students, professors, and experts from various backgrounds working on 3 tech projects in the fields of Space Mechanobiology, Drones, and Fashion-tech.

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